Julie LeRoy and Cuda from Durham, NC


Human: Julie LeRoy

Canine: Cuda

Location: Durham, NC

Type: American Pit Bull Terrier

Our Story:

I’m an Animal Control Officer. One day, after work, I walked into a gas station and a couple had Cuda, a pit bull. At that time she was about 5 months old. Immediately you could see that Cuda had some issues. I surmised Cuda was a product of inbreeding. She is misshapen, has a severe under bite, a tilted rib cage, a crooked spine, a fused neck and flat feet- yes flat feet! The couple was trying to find someone to take the dog and although I had four more at home, I decided I was the only one qualified to have her!

On the way home I decided to stop at the pet store with her and was stunned by the stares and whispers she received. Immediately protective, I decided to take her home and get a vet visit to make sure she was healthy and not in pain. Even my husband and son were initially repulsed when they saw her!

After a clean bill of health at the vet, Cuda became an integral part of the family. The dogs took to her right away as she took to them. She also fell in love with our cats. It’s been five months since we’ve had her and I can’t imagine life without her! She is kind and clumsy and loves toys that squeak, although her first reaction is to run away from them!

Everyone who meets Cuda has the same reaction- stunned faces, dropped jaws and instant love! She has her own fan club and is becoming quite popular. There is no joking about why she looks the way she does. Over breeding and inbreeding dogs is unnecessary and cruel and I find that she has become an educational icon to teach kids- and grown-ups- about it.

While I am not submitting a professional picture of Cuda, I am showing you the happiness she enjoys as I do now that she is in our lives! We couldn’t ask for a better dog than Cuda! Thank you!