Sandi Faist and Sydney from N.O.A.H. Shelter


Human: Sandi Faist

Canine: Sydney

Location: N.O.A.H. Shelter

Type: Newfoundland / Labrador Retriever mix

Our Story:

The day after my sister’s wedding we were bout an hour north of Seattle and we stopped in a shelter called N.O.A.H. that we had seen driving down the day before. My daughters had been asking for a dog since they could talk. Working full time with two small children, I had no desire to take on another “child.” I’d had a dog my whole life, and really wanted one and wanted my girls to grow up with their own dog. But I could not take on one more thing – a full time job, a house and yard to take care of and two kids.

Well, I finally wasn’t working full time anymore and when we stopped by the shelter, I didn’t really think we would leave with a dog. But she was so cute and stuck her paw through the hole in the plexi glass of her living quarters and said, “Take me, take me.” So we did. Right that day we left that shelter with a new dog. She was two and a half and we had originally wanted a puppy – who doesn’t want a cute little puppy with puppy breath! But she needed a home and it was the BEST decision for all of us. She has been a great addition to our family and I’m glad her original owners gave her away because she was really meant to be OUR dog!