Case and Spirit from St. Louis


Human: Case

Canine: Spirit

Location: St. Louis

Type: German Shepherd Dog

Our Story:

We found Spirit through Save A Dog on FaceBook. The more dogs we saw that needed a home, the more we knew we had to adopt another one. We already had 2 German Shepherds, Casey and Minnie, but we live on a farm and have the room to give another one a home. So we filled out adoption papers and called about several dogs I found on Save A Dog, but they were already adopted. We were told about a dog called Momma Cass, now named Spirit, that was going to be listed on Save A Dog. We went to St. Louis, MO. to meet her and decided to adopt her.

Spirit’s life was pretty rough the first 5 years. She was kept in a junkyard, pregnant and starving in the dead of winter without any cover. Some wonderful person reported that she needed help, the Stray Rescue of St. Louis Mo. (founder Randy Grim) was able to save her and her newborn pups. She had 11 puppies in the snow, 6 didn’t make it The remaining 5 have found wonderful homes!

Spirit had heartworms and had to go through the treatment, needed all her shots and will be spayed soon. It took Spirit a few weeks to start feeling happy and then she began to show her true personality. She makes me laugh every day. Spirit never lets me out of her sight and follows me every where. It is fun to watch her learning how to play. At first she was too sad to want to play, then when we started giving her toys, she would catch a ball or toy and drop it on the floor and stare at it. She had no idea what they were or what to do with them. Now she picks up balls and throws them to chase.

She loves toys that squeak and like most German Shepherd’s, she likes rocks. She even hides toys in her special spot now. Most of all she likes food and knows how to get me to the treat drawer!

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