Kris and Belle from Tempe AZ


Human: Kris

Canine: Belle

Location: Tempe AZ

Type: Boxer

Our Story:

I had been waiting for the right time to adopt a Boxer. I spent many days searching animal shelters, online ads, etc. A friend of mine that lives in LA was asked by one of his co-workers if he knew of anyone looking to adopt a Boxer. Right away he thought of me and sent me a picture. I fell in love with her and told him I would take her into my home as my new buddy! A few weeks went by before he made the drive to Phoenix with my lil girl, so I spent a lot of time preparing for her arrival with many trips to pet stores to shop for doggie goodies. A new bed from Costco, treats, chew toys, squeaky toys and a new red collar, leash and name tag. I drove over to his house to pick up my new best friend…as soon as she jumped out of his car, she came right up to me (wiggle butt and a smile), jumped right up and kissed me on the face… We bonded very quicky, spending time camping, taking long walks and exploring new things. She’s the best dog ever…but we all say that about our canine companions and best friends for life!