Mrs. RaeAnne Fox and Ralphey from Catterick, United Kingdom


Human: Mrs. RaeAnne Fox

Canine: Ralphey

Location: Catterick, United Kingdom

Type: Alaskan Malamute

Our Story:

My hubby and I were sitting one night in the living room watching tele and checking emails. For some reason I decided to check my facebook and I went to look at the Alaskan Malamute rescue page as we were waiting to move in to our new army accommodation. We were told it would have a back garden so I went searching for a dog, and I stumbled on that rescue page.

I saw a post by the previous owner’s Mum. She was looking to see if the rescue agency would take Ralphey as her daughter and significant other had just recently had a baby and Ralphey was just too rambunctious. So I emailed her saying we would love to have him and could give him a loving home. My hubby and I got in touch with her daughter and she explained to us that she had contacted the RSPCA and he was on the waiting list I told her that we would be within our new home within the week she told me that because of the circumstances it was whoever had space first.

My hubby and I waited anxiously to move in to our new home and after receiving confirmation we could have dogs in our home, I rang her as fast as I could. Good thing too because the next day the RSPCA had called so all it took was a train trip to Leeds and we fell in love with Ralphey and he’s changed our lives in so many ways. My hubby and I can’t imagine living without him.