Diane and Chester from Redcliffe Australia


Human: Diane

Canine: Chester

Location: Redcliffe Australia

Type: Jack Russell Terrier / Australian Cattle Dog mix

Our Story:

After tragically losing my precious wee girl “Amber” in Oct 2006, a nearly 13-year-old Jack Russell, to a motorist who did not even had the decency to stop, I thought I would never be able to get another dog. She was my sweetheart, used to sit on my wheelchair and watch me on my body board in the surf.

My other canine family member Xena, missed her so much, that I started looking at pet adoption websites, but at the time the pain was too raw to actually do anything. I saw “Chester” who had been in a shelter for nearly 2 years (he has attitude!) and 5 months later his mug shot still kept appearing. It said he was a cattle dog crossed with a Jack Russell (like my Amber) so something told me we had to go meet him.

I took my now 11-year-old black Lab mix to meet him also as she is “choosey” about who she mixes with. Even thou Xena was a bit weary of him at first, I decided to take him home on trial, but in my heart I knew I would not give him back. When I take on a commitment to a pet, it is for life, if I have anything to do with it. Many a man have been told not to make me choose between them or my dogs as they know who would win!

Chester did come with “attitude” as he had had a rough start in life and is very protective of his Mum, but that is not always a bad thing. If he does not know you, when he is tied to my wheelchair he will growl and go to nip if you get too close (I warn people), but he make me feel safe, and is so much “cuddlier” than a burglar alarm!

If he knows you, trusts you, he is your friend for life. I “walk” my two dogs every day, sometimes twice to the creek for a swim. “Walk” as in that I tie one each side to my motorised wheelchair. I said in jest when I ordered my new wheelchair last year that do not forget to put something to tie my dogs to, and when it arrived it had one hook each side (actually to tie in wheelchair cab but I give it dual use).

Xena and Chester are now good mates. Chester was the more domineering to start with, but Xena would not let him and Xena soon put him in his place! He is very obedient, and when I say no or tell him to stop, he does and knows “Mum” means business!

I still miss my little Amber but she had a good life, even though a tragic end, and now “Chester” has a chance to be part of a loving family. Even if he was treated like “top” dog at the shelter, he now has a home and somewhere to lay his head and heart forever. He just need someone to take the time and patience to trust again.