Joanne and Samson from Dog Pound


Human: Joanne

Canine: Samson

Location: Dog Pound

Type: German Shepherd Dog

Our Story:

My Animal Control Officer and the police officers I work with knew I was looking for another shepherd to keep my present shepherd company. Samson (my name for him, he didn’t have one) was picked up just wandering the streets and was brought to the dog pound. He spent approximately 10 days there while they tried to find an owner with no luck.

I was told he was a BIG dog. I didn’t want a real big dog plus I didn’t want a male. I’ve only owned female shepherds. When I met him, he was HUGE…115 lbs and very dirty. He seemed very friendly but I wasn’t sure so I left. I thought about it over night and the next day I took Piche (my female shepherd) to go meet him. They got along great and when when I left he was whining and crying because he wanted to come with us. I went back the next day and brought him home.

Well, my $50 pound dog ended up costing me over $500 because of Lyme Disease, Ghiardia, and getting him neutered. For the first 3 months I kept tryng to find him another home. I only took him because it broke my heart to leave him in the pound and I could tell he had been a pet. (Shepherds don’t do well in a shelter setting). But in the end he has become one of the best dogs I have ever had! The way to describe him is “nice”! He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body but he can be scary to look at because of his size and breed.

He is the greatest dog and has become very attached to me, my husband and Piche. A very happy story!!! You couldn’t pay me to take him now 🙂