Tami and Tucker from St. Joseph, MN


Human: Tami

Canine: Tucker

Location: St. Joseph, MN

Type: Brittany

Our Story:

My 13-year-old Golden was diagnosed with terminal cancer and March 20, 2009, I had to put her down. She had been such a wonderful friend and I was so sad but I knew it was best for her and that she had given me great joy for 13 years. I was in no rush to find another dog but mentioned to a girlfriend that I may want to look at Brittany Spaniels.

Well, before you know it she found a litter that would be ready in May. Maybe a little too soon but I thought I’d take the 2 hour drive and “at least look” at them. Well when I saw Tucker I knew I would be making the drive back when they were ready. I asked when they were born and how old they were. Tuck was born March 20, 2009. I was sure it was meant to be!