Angie and Bronte from Seattle, WA


Human: Angie

Canine: Bronte

Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Doberman Pinscher / Mutt mix

Our Story:

I was living in Dallas in 1996, just finished my degree and wanted to find a canine companion and running partner.

I knew was looking for a Doberman or mix of the breed. So, one Saturday I set off to scout the local shelters.

That day many, many dogs I could have taken home – all of them if I could have. But I didn’t find one that I felt a connection to.

Going in to the very last shelter on my list, they took me back to a row of barking cages and inside the 3rd one was 6 or 8 dogs of varying sizes. All exuberantly jumping or vying for space at the front of the cage in anticipation of being taken home.

But, there in the back, laying down ever so calmly, was this little floppy-eared puppy. I asked to see her.

The moment I picked her up, she nuzzled her nose into my neck, made a contented grunt and relaxed. I knew she was mine!

However, I had to wait 72 hours before I could adopt her as they had just brought her in that morning.

Those were the longest 72 hours of my life. Also they would not “reserve” her for me, so the morning that she was officially available I arrived at the shelter one hour before it opened and waited anxiously in my car. The moment the doors were open, I flew in to claim MY dog.

She changed my life when she came into it and my life will certainly be different without her, but I am a better person for having had her in it. There was no better teacher of selflessness, humility, unconditional love, and true devotion.

In November 2009, my “little old lady” got “tired.” Her body was worn out and not working properly any longer…I’ve had to let her go.

Many over the years have said things such as I’ve “done a great job with Bronte” or that I’ve “trained her so well”. Thank you. But Bronte was truly just an inherently good dog. I can not take the credit for making a diamond, i just found one, polished it up and taught it how to sit.