Debra and Sweetie from Capitol Area Humane Society


Human: Debra

Canine: Sweetie

Location: Capitol Area Humane Society

Type: Poodle

Our Story:

I was volunteering for the Columbus Ohio Capitol Area Humane Society. I was a foster Mom for little kittens that were too small to get shots yet. One weekend I was asked to come in and help with 40 dogs that were found by a hoarder. They had 40 animals of all sizes in a house that had to be condemned. I saw this little red Poodle that I was told was found in a bird cage. I saw her try to bite another worker. Something in me made me ask about her. I found she was giving them all kinds of problems by biting some of the workers, some she liked. I asked if I could try to take her home because I had worked with poodles before. They bent a few rules and let me take her home.

I kept her for over a year while the court proceedings were held. She came to me having nightmares, shaking, but took to me like glue. I lost the other two dogs I had, unexpectedly, within months apart — Labs at 14 and 16 years old. She helped me through that time. Some may try to say that I am such a good person for taking her in. I can tell you that she has given more then I have helped her. I lost my Mom this past April. She was right there to comfort me. We are inseparable. I could not imagine my life without her.