nikki & brian and Bogey from pennsylvania


Human: nikki & brian

Canine: Bogey

Location: pennsylvania

Type: Miniature Schnauzer

Our Story:

We had just put our beloved Romeo (Miniature Schnauzer) of 15 years to sleep due to kidney, liver and heart failure. We went home and knew we would get another one and were cruising the internet for breeders in PA. We had no intention of getting one right away but Bogey’s picture just jumped out at us and it was love at first sight. We picked up him 2 weeks later and the rest – as they say – is history. He did not, nor could he or any other dog, replace Romeo but Bogey has most assuredly filled the void left behind by Romeo’s passing. Bogey is my boyfriend’s first time ever raising a puppy and I am having a blast just watching them both.