Sue and Penny from Redding, CA


Human: Sue

Canine: Penny

Location: Redding, CA

Type: Labrador Retriever / American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Our Story:

Mu husband and I were at the local dog park with our hound dog, Balou. A young woman and small girl had this beautiful four-month old Pit Bull mix puppy who was playing with the other dogs. You could tell right away that the puppy was going to be a great dog.

The woman had found her as a stray and since they lived in an apartment, was not sure that they could keep her. I told her that if she could keep her, she was going to be a good dog.

I looked at my husband and said, “What do you think about having another dog?” I gave the woman our number and the next day we received a call asking if we wanted to have her. They did not want to give her up, but knew she would have a good home.

I offered to pay for her but they said no. Several days later I sent them a check to cover the shots they had paid for and said, “Have dinner on us or buy something for your little girl.” I received a note back saying how there needed to be more people in the world like us.

Needless to say, this is our Penny who we have loved for nine years now. My prediction was right – she is a great dog and we are so lucky to have found her.