DonnaMarie and Vada from Bergen County Animal Shelter


Human: DonnaMarie

Canine: Vada

Location: Bergen County Animal Shelter

Type: Boxer / American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Our Story:

We have volunteered at the Bergen County Animal Shelter for many years. Certain dogs tug at my heart strings so much that I first foster them and then of course adopt them. Vada was the fifth to do so.

She came in skinny, so afraid, and was visibly overbred. She sat so proudly on top of a crate we put in her run, but would cower when approached. Everyday I would talk to her, give her treats, step just inside the run to gain her trust.

One day she let me put a leash on her and take her for a walk and the rest is history. She came home as a foster, and I slowly introduced her to our other dogs who I truly believe said, “Who is this now?” They usually will accept anyone.

Vada worked her way into the family, loves to sleep with us, and she gets along so well with all our dogs. And, she also accepts all new fosters. I just love her and cannot imagine our home without her. Please give a shelter animal a chance for a forever loving home.