Claire Whitlock-Skinner and Roscoe from Kansas Humane Society


Human: Claire Whitlock-Skinner

Canine: Roscoe

Location: Kansas Humane Society

Type: Great Pyrenees

Our Story:

It was a really rainy day and I had 4 transports to do. I foster and transport rescue dogs for Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue. All of them tug at my heart but some take a much larger piece of it. Roscoe was cowering in the back of a cage. He was heartworm positive and still in need of medical care so I was unable to claim him that day. He was treated for kennel cough and then picked up by another volunteer. I still couldn’t shake how he looked in the back of that cage. He underwent his heartworm treatment a few weeks later and when his foster mom needed a break I rushed to bring him home.

Roscoe settled in nicely with my family and our own pack. He has now been here 3 months. I am sure that he has a forever home waiting for him out their, but until then I will keep on loving this handsome guy.