Deb and Snowflake (Snowy) from Hummelstown, PA


Human: Deb

Canine: Snowflake (Snowy)

Location: Hummelstown, PA

Type: Cocker Spaniel

Our Story:

My Snowy belonged to our neighbors. She would sit outside and cry and looked so pitiful. I would go over and talk to her and pet her. They had a baby and did not trust her to be around the baby so she was heading to the Humane Society at 10 months old. I couldn’t stand it and even though my husband and I already had a dog, cat and rabbit, Snow came to join our family. My husband and I divorced and she was the only thing we fought over. She was my baby and I was not leaving her. I had to have her put down in June of 2008 but she was almost 17 years old and was my buddy. She lived a good, long and spoiled life.