Rob and Miss Chevious (Missy) from Humane Society


Human: Rob

Canine: Miss Chevious (Missy)

Location: Humane Society

Type: Papillon

Our Story:

In July of 2008, Missy and I met for the first time. A friend called to ask if I could give her a ride downtown. She was giving directions which led up into the parking lot of the Humane Society. I thought she was going to look for a pet. We wandered inside and she took me back to a room where there were a number of dogs that had just been rescued from a puppy mill. She looked at me and told me to pick one.

I tried to get out of it because I’d lost my best friend, a chihuahua, to cancer. I couldn’t go through that again. She argued with me about it so I finally sat down on the floor and told her to open the cages. I figured I’d just go along with her until I could get out of there.

She opened the cages and lo and behold, this little girl crept up to me and climbed up in my lap. I cuddled her in my arms and she stopped shaking and went to sleep. I think I lost my heart to her right then and there. The lady at the Humane Society just looked at me and said the little pup was going home with me, that she had chose me, not the other way around. I spent hours every day visiting her until the big day came that I could take her home. Needless to say…… my friend won. I lost my heart that day to a little girl….