Jane and Simba from Tampa, FL


Human: Jane

Canine: Simba

Location: Tampa, FL

Type: Cockapoo

Our Story:

My husband found Simba wondering around a busy street near where we work. When we met him he was very dirty, hot and tired. My husband was trying to catch him so that he wouldn’t get run over and to give him a much needed drink of water. Simba kept growling at him but he took the chance and picked him up. His flea collar (the only collar on him) was so tight that my husband could not get his finger under it. He had to cut it off. When we took him home and gave him a bath he wasn’t the dark color we thought! He was blond!

Since we already had 2 large dogs I was opposed to keeping him. Needless to say I did not win this one. Simba is now part of the family and his two brothers love him! It was fate!