James and Belle Ami from NY


Human: James

Canine: Belle Ami

Location: NY

Type: Papillon

Our Story:

My wife and I live in a apartment with a small yard but we have always wanted a dog. When the building was sold we asked the new owners if we could get a small dog. He said it was ok and we were on the net immediately. I was always a dachshund lover but my wife talked me into looking at papillons.

Well look was what I did. I simply looked at PICTURES of papillons for sale or rescue. Now I know this is not the best way to choose a pet but when I saw the picture of Belle I was taken by how much she looked like a baby fox! From then on I couldn’t find a pap that struck me the way she did. But I did my job and put together a dozen or so pictures of other paps and presented them to my wife for her opinion. Bet you can guess which one she picked. Same reason too!!

We contacted the owner right away and agreed on the time to get her, which was in less than a week. Needless to say she is all and more than we could have hoped for. Smart as a whip and a real love bug. We are planning on training her to be a therapy dog cause she loves people so much but is also a very mellow dog. Sometimes a picture says it all.