Judy and Abbie Bella from Moody, Alabama


Human: Judy

Canine: Abbie Bella

Location: Moody, Alabama

Type: Cocker Spaniel

Our Story:

Abbie was a God-send I truly believe. I had lost my 16 year old cocker, Honey, in May 2008, from dementia and cancer; she is buried in one of my flower beds. The closer it got to Christmas, the more I cried; this would have been my first year without her. I had her mother and father, so you see, she really was my baby since birth. Out of a litter of six, she chose me.

I had gone to my vet’s office for a check-up with my other cocker, 13 year old Buggie, and started crying. The vet thought I needed to turn my grief into love for another puppy. He happens to live on the same street as a breeder of cockers; he is also their vet and he recommended her very highly. He also gave me her website address and told me she had a litter now and I should go in and look.

Well, the rest is history; Abbie was the only one left that needed a home, and the minute I saw her photo, I fell in love with her. I called Karen, her breeder, and made an appointment to come the next day. I took her home on Jan. 9 and we’ve been happy ever since., although we seem to be having “potty training” problems!


Abbie is a blue merle cocker and had her first haircut 3 weeks ago and her 8-month birthday July 14, 2009! She is truly a bundle of joy and full of energy! I really feel that Honey sent Abbie to me from Heaven to put some joy back into my life. She has been featured as “Pet of the Week” on our local tv station and had her photo last week in the B’ham News “Pets” section.