Bernice and Hemi from Minneapolis, MN


Human: Bernice

Canine: Hemi

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Type: American Pit Bull Terrier / Bulldog mix

Our Story:

Hemi was four months old when we met, I was his last chance at a normal life. He is a rescue dog that I got from some friends of mine, and when I got him he had not been socialized with any other dogs except his litter mates. He had no idea what a leash was or how to act around people and other animals. To say the least, he was a mess.

Now 2 years later, he is still working on a few behavior issues and fear issues, but he is my big baby, sloppy kisses and all. I am so glad that I said I would take him in instead of having him go to the pound where I am sure he would been put down because he was a biter. But not anymore! He is a 2 year old with normal 2 year old problems and we are working hard to fix them!