Melody and Forest from Costa Mesa, CA


Human: Melody

Canine: Forest

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Type: Labrador Retriever / American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Our Story:

I was meeting a friend at Target and was a little early so I began to walk around the plaza. Before I knew it, I was outside a pet shop. Curious, I walked in, but I was not impressed nor was I pleased at what I saw. I’m a big animal lover and I value the condition animals are in. When I walked into that pet shop I knew right away something wasn’t right. For one it smelled like a dump site. Two, many pups were crammed in a little kennel, many of which looked extremely sick, all of which were sitting in there own waste.

I called up the local animal control right away and notified them about the situation. All the pups had bloated bellies which also meant they were malnourished. When I was looking into a kennel a sick puppy looked up at me with his sad puppy eyes and then his head dropped back down. When our eyes met, I knew I couldn’t just leave him there. I needed to do something. I took him to the vet and had the vet check him over, proving he was sick and was not in good care.

After a week, the pet shop was closed down and all 46 pups were taken out, two of which had to be put down for sickness.

Ever since that day Forest has been by my side. He is a sweet dog that loves unconditionally. Though he has many health problems due to his bad beginning, he doesn’t seem to mind any of it. I can’t explain how much he means to me or what my life would be without him. He the first dog I’ve ever owned on my own and he has also opened my eyes to those misunderstood Pit Bulls.

Saving him was tough, and being judged for owning him isn’t all that nice either. But if not for him, I would have never known how discriminating some people are or how the mass media works.

I believe he was sent to me and I cherish every moment I spend with him. He is my lovebug and I love him very much.