Sandy and Saje from Bel Air Maryland


Human: Sandy

Canine: Saje

Location: Bel Air Maryland

Type: American Pit Bull Terrier / Staffordshire-Bull-Terrier mix

Our Story:

I met my Saje at the job I was working at, and at that time my husband and I were not looking for or wanting another dog. We love dogs more than anything. I grew-up with many and my parents had a kennel. My husband and his family had a few when he was growing up. We just had put our last Husky of 15 years down from old age, and the year before his mother of 15 for tumors, also 2 years prior the father of 15 years of old age. They all had long and wonderful lives on a farm. I was just so devastated from all this loss we had made up our minds that that was it, no more dogs. We still had a cat left out of 6 that all were deceased in a 4 year period of old age and other illnesses.

One day at my job a lady from the humane society came in the store with this 10 week old small white chubby bundle of cuteness and told us all if he didn’t get a home in just a few day’s his life would be ended. Someone had thrown him in a ditch at a couple of weeks old and left him there to die. I started to cry, and still cry till this day thinking about it. I could not take it and went and called my husband at his job and asked him if he wanted a puppy. No, he said, but I told him I thought he was going to want this one so I made arrangements to go on a Sunday to the shelter to see him.

They brought him out all cleaned up, white as a snowball and when they saw each other that was all it took, love at first sight. They had given him the name Cuddles, and of course his new daddy said no boy of mine is going to be named Cuddles. He blurted the name Saje, his name is going to be Saje. We adopted him right then and there. We live on a farm and Saje has the run of it, and after 7 years and 120 pounds of this beautiful, happy, friendly, loving, smart, protective American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier, we are so happy we changed our minds. I don’t think I could have done without him or him us. He is truly one of a kind, and priceless. He is our sunshine everyday, and always will be.