Hannah and Stoney from Alabama


Human: Hannah

Canine: Stoney

Location: Alabama

Type: Australian Cattle Dog

Our Story:

I have always wanted a dog. No matter what breed, just a furry friend to have fun with. You see, I live with my grandparents and they aren’t really animal lovers. We tried calling one of my grandpa’s friends because his dog had had puppies. Australian Cattle Dog puppies, but his friend said that he had no more puppies to give. But one day, I guess I showed my grandma and grandpa how responsible I really was.

 It was a chilly Saint Patrick’s Day and I was going to spend the whole day with my dad and my GrandRoddey. Before I left to go with them, I was told from my grandma that there would be a surprise waiting at home. I could kinda guess what it was but I didn’t think it was possible. Also, we were putting mulch down at our house that same day, so I also figured that was it. . . but I didn’t know at the moment. Well I came home late in the evening with my brother and sister, and saw a lot of my relatives sitting in the living room. Me, my brother, and sister all greeted them and sat down so we could tell them how our day went. They wouldn’t listen and told us to come down stairs. My heart was beating faster and faster as I walked down the stairs. We opened the garage door that led to the backyard and in popped a little Australian Cattle Dog puppy! (Blue Heeler for short) My heart now leaped with joy and we all greeted the puppy that was named Stoney. No, we couldn’t name him because he was already named , but it fits him well. He was SO cute too, and still is! It turns out that my grandpa’s friend had two of the puppies and that he could let us either have the boy or girl and they chose to give us the little boy. My eyes filled up with tears and now he is my 2-year-old dog. We love each other SO much. I will never forget that day because it was a true miracle.