kathryn and Gypsi & Bandida from Panama City, Fl


Human: kathryn

Canine: Gypsi & Bandida

Location: Panama City, Fl

Type: Bulldog / Australian Shepherd mix

Our Story:

Last June I had to have my dog put to sleep. I had him for 13 1/2 years and did not feel that I was ready to have another one any time soon. I decided that I would be a foster mom for a local adoption agency. I started with my two girls and their sister. She was adopted after the first 2 weeks. As time went on, it became impossible to get anyone to adopt Gypsi and Bandida together. I did not want to separate them as they were very attached (they did not miss their sister) and still are. So I decided to adopt them myself. I will never regret this decision. They are a blessing to have in my life.