Sue and Cocoa Puff from New Jersey


Human: Sue

Canine: Cocoa Puff

Location: New Jersey

Type: Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Our Story:

We lost our lab/terrier mix in May of 2001. Our Basset Hound, Emma, was terribly depressed, howling herself hoarse every day, missing her friend. I started looking for a new pup on, and one terribly rainy day, I saw Cocoa’s face. She was about a year and a half old, and was taken in a drug raid in Rahway, NJ, found tied up with dead dogs and deer carcasses. Her owner was arrested on drug and gun charges. Cocoa came home with my five and two year old daughters, and loved everyone, for about three months. At that point she started attacking my husband or lunging after any male that entered the room when I was in a reclined position. She actually ripped my husband’s sweats and caused a huge black and blue on his leg. We knew the environment from where she came, so we brought her to a trainer to test her aggressiveness. I wanted to be sure my daughters were safe. The trainer came to the conclusion that I was now “the drug dealer”, and she was protecting me from any male intruder. We had my husband do special bonding training with Cocoa, and she has forgotten her past life, and is my shadow, and loves everyone.