Alexis and Binky Sue from United States


Human: Alexis

Canine: Binky Sue

Location: United States

Type: Cairn Terrier / West Highland White Terrier mix

Our Story:

I was doing a two-month training stint at FLETC, a huge ex-navy base in Brunswick, GA. It was 7:15 am and we were standing outside the classroom waiting to take the last test to be able to become investigators. Suddenly, this little wheat-colored dog comes into the building strutting and walks right up to me. I asked her, “Where’d you come from?” and hugged her. I asked the guards if they could keep an eye on her but they laughed and said they’d put a bullet in her. I placed her in my car, dashed in, completed the exam in record time (passed it too!) and raced back to take Binky to my hotel, as I had to be back at the classroom in 30 minutes.

When I got to the hotel, she was sitting on the bed, looking happy and beautiful. She was filthy, full of fleas but I was so happy to have a dog to hug after 2 miserable and lonely months without my kids or my dogs. I bathed her and went shopping for food. My colleagues went and got her toys, collars, treats, all sorts of goodies, and she was the official 355 class dog.

Binky Sue is still with me, she’s my right hand dog. She dances on her hind legs for a loooooooong time waiting to get her yum yums (treats). She has helped train many foster dogs, has a compassionate and generous heart. She is one amazing little dog and while other people came back from training with t-shirts, baseball caps, and pens that were souvenirs from FLETC, I was the only one who came back with a canine companion and nothing else.