Danielle and Wilson from West Virginia


Human: Danielle

Canine: Wilson

Location: West Virginia

Type: Cocker Spaniel

Our Story:

My previous cocker spaniel had died from heart failure just a week before. A friend of mine saw Wilson on petfinder and he was at the local shelter and she talked me into just stopping by to see him. He was a total mess. His hair was really long and matted to the skin with all sorts of nasty stuff and man did he smell bad. His family had brought him in with his registration papers, they said it was because he needed obedience training and he was chasing bikes down the street. I couldn’t resist and I adopted him that day. Wilson is a great dog. He was already house broken and he very rarely barks. He is very laid back and is the easiest dog I have ever had. He loves to go to work with me where is is very popular. He is my best pal.