Silvia and Joey from Lakewood, CA


Human: Silvia

Canine: Joey

Location: Lakewood, CA

Type: Maltese

Our Story:

I was living in Berkeley, CA and Joey was born in Lakewood, CA–we were basically about 500 miles apart. I saw an ad in the paper and called the breeder. She said that she was short on rent money so she would offer me a huge discount if I wired her the money that day. I had my friend who lived in the area go take a look. He called me when he saw Joey and all he could do was scream “Omigawd, he’s soooo cute!” I wired the money and picked him up a week later. As the runt of the litter, he was so small that I walked right past him at first. On the way home, he fell asleep in my boyfriend’s pocket. Looking back on it, I was crazy–purchasing a dog without taking a look at it myself first, buying it from a desperate breeder, wiring money to a stranger, but nine years later, Joey and I are inseparable and he’s the best irrational decision I ever made.