Deidre and Smiley from San Francisco


Human: Deidre

Canine: Smiley

Location: San Francisco

Type: Labrador Retriever / Mutt mix

Our Story:

I got a call from a friend one day as she was driving home from a shelter in Corning, California. She told me she had a great dog for me, right there in the car with her. She knew I’d been looking for a lab mix. She also knew I hadn’t gotten very far in my search.

I had absolutely no plans to adopt a dog that day, but I drove over to her house anyway. That’s when I met Smiley, who was just adorable but very skinny and shy. One our first walk to a nearby park I knew I had to have him. “Do you want to go home and think about it?” my friend asked. “No,” I said, suddenly very decisive. This was after months of wondering whether I even wanted a dog. “I’m taking him.”

I drove to meet my kids at the bus stop, stopping to pick up a collar, leash, and food on the way. When the kids jumped off the bus, they fell all over him. “Do you want to keep him?” I asked. “Yes, Yes, Yes!” By the time we’d returned home, our dog had his name. And when my husband walked in the door after work later that evening and asked “Who’s dog is this?” we had an answer.