HAPPY ENDINGS: Puppies Bagged And Tossed Off A Bridge Like Trash Reunited With Their Mama

Earlier this year, in Rhome, Texas, a Walmart bag holding nine precious puppies was tossed over the side of a bridge into a creek. Thankfully the bag was found by two teenagers that were in the area. When they heard the bag making noise they quickly went to investigate. Sixteen year old Cody Kyles felt compassion for the four puppies that had survived the fall, were clinging to life and crying for their mother. The compassionate high schooler gathered them up and took them home.

(Photo Credit: Channel 5)

At around the same time, in the nearby city of Haslet, a mama dog was found in a Walmart parking lot. She seemed to be distressed and searching for something, trying to get inside the store. Celine’s Cat and Canine Rescue was called and immediately welcomed the mama dog into their fold. She had no tags or microchip but was obviously a well cared for, indoor dog. The mama dog could understand basic commands like sit and shake, and was even house broken. The rescue could tell she had puppies recently but never expected this concerned mama dog to be reunited with them.

Word was getting around on social media about the abandoned puppies and the recently found mama dog.

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Someone connected the dots (or dogs) and the mama, now named Gage, was reunited with her babies. The resemblance was called “uncanny” by a local news anchor and rescue workers said Gage immediately took to her brood, nuzzling and licking them. These were clearly the puppies she had been so desperately looking for.

(Photo Credit: Channel 5)

This is a blatant and malicious act of animal cruelty that has been filed with the Wise County Police Department. PETA has also offered a 2500$ reward for information leading to the offender/offenders. Someone must have seen them in the parking lot or have known these people and seen their dog in their home. If you have any information please come forward so that this doesn’t happen to another animal.

The vehicle that threw the bag off the bridge was believed to have been a truck and that’s about all we know outside of the Walmart connection.

If you have any information involving this case please contact the Wise County Sheriff’s office at 940-627-5971

I’m no detective but since the mama was found in a Walmart parking lot and babies were found in a Walmart bag. I would like to see Joe Kenda or the Police or myself or anyone in there examining store video surveillance from that day! This is very upsetting, I want to see more action taken.


Gage, the mama and all four puppies remained in foster care until appropriate ages and have since found loving homes. They have all been vaccinated, neutered and spayed of course and are doing well.