Spruce Up Your Summer By Adopting Or Fostering A Dog

Summer time brings back great nostalgic memories for people of all ages. School gets out, ice cream and popsicles on hot days, mini golf with your friends or family and even playing hooky from school to go see a movie your parents would totally disapprove of.

As you get older, the magic behind summer disappears as work and other adult responsibilities take priority. If you ever feel yourself starting to get a little sad that the younger-you got to enjoy the summer time more than the adult you, adopting or fostering a dog can rejuvenate you and fill your boring summer with joy and childlike wonder.

See The World Through New Eyes

(Photo Credit: Sean Murphy Photo)

Remember how you and your friends would just walk around doing nothing and it was somehow fun? You were just wasting time but somehow it was super fun. Let your new doggie companion lead the way to new adventure.

Driving in a car around your neighborhood just isn’t the same as when you’re walking on foot. You get to see everything in a new way. You’ll realize that the building you pass every day in the car on your way to work actually has beautiful brick detailing that you hadn’t ever noticed before your dog lifted his leg to pee on it.

Get More Exercise And You Will Feel And Look Younger

(Photo Credit: Sean Murphy Photo)

The average American doesn’t get a lot of exercise but the average dog owner does! People start exercise regimes and just can’t stick to them. A pup will motivate you to get out and exercise every day. You’ll learn about all sorts of hiking trails you didn’t even know existed as you find fun ways to help exercise and entertain your new pup. Mountains become molehills, you see beautiful views and vistas you’ve never seen before and you might not have done it had you not had those sweet puppy dog eyes looking up at you. Studies show that exercise reverses many signs of aging and before you realize it you’ll look and feel like you did in those summers of youth!

The Cure For Loneliness

(Photo Credit: Sean Murphy Photo)

More Americans than ever feel lonely with about a quarter of all US citizens living alone. You may not realize it but social isolation has been linked to all sorts of physical and mental ailments from sleep disorders to high blood pressure to depression. You’ll never be isolated or alone with your new adopted or foster dog. When you get home from work, there’s always someone there to greet you who is really happy and excited to see you. You have an adorable cuddle partner who is ready to watch movies, go for walks, run errands, go camping, or whatever you like anytime you want. You might even live a longer and happier life!

Don’t let this summer pass without taking advantage of the wonderful physical and mental health benefits a dog can bring into your life. You might even say that dogs are the key to the fountain of youth and you wouldn’t be wrong. Now go have fun!

Photos via Sean Murphy Photo