From homeless to hopeful

Elsie and Elmer after their rescue; they two are now in a foster home awaiting adoption. (Photo credit: Hope for Paws)

Los Angeles-based Hope for Paws got a call about two homeless Poodle siblings living at a junkyard. Rescuers Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo went after the female first, as she appeared the most fearful; after some coaxing, they were able to pull her from her narrow hiding space. Once she was safe around the humans, her brother emerged from hiding and was subsequently rescued.

The following video documents their rescue:

Both animals were rescued and were named Elsie and Elmer during their ride to the hospital. Afterward, they were bathed and cleaned, as their fur was covered with motor oil. The two are now living at a foster home, with Maltese Rescue California handling their adoption. The organization hopes they find the same forever home.

Elmer goes for a run.