Ginny the Jack Russell Terrier goes from homeless to web star

Despite her photogenic appearance, Ginny faced a long road to recovery as she was covered with fleas and had trouble eating due to damage to her throat.

Once, Jack Russell Terrier Ginny lived on the streets, nowhere to go and no one to love her.

Now, Ginny has a happy home with her owner, Chelsea Hope England — and more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Six years ago, England worked at a dog boarding facility. One morning, her boss walked in with a small tan and white dog in awful shape. England says her boss had found the little dog on the side of a road in the country, tied to a gate by a rope and left for dead.

“She was skinny, her fur was thin, and she was covered in bites and fleas,” England. “She had the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen in a dog, though she’d clearly been through a lot.”

It was love at first sight for England, who decided to adopt Ginny right away. But it was a long road to recovery for the rescued JRT. She needed treatment for her skin conditions and to eradicate the fleas, but England also says that the rope used to tie Ginny to that gate had been so tight Ginny had trouble eating because of the damage to her throat. A few months and a lot of TLC later and Ginny was given a clean bill of health by her veterinarian.

England says Ginny means the world to her, and she can’t imagine life without the little pup.

“I often think about how I see Ginny or what Ginny means to me, and I guess I really see Ginny as my everything,” England tells the Mother Nature Network. “She’s a best friend that doesn’t talk back…and that’s perfect.”

“Every morning Ginny’s by my side on the bed begging for a cuddle, and in the evenings she’s next to me on the sofa resting her head on my lap or begging for whatever I’m eating,” adds England. “I love Ginny and everything about her.”

Ginny manages to dazzle everyone she meets, and her sweet, funny personality is infectious. So infectious, in fact, that when England decided to start an Instagram for Ginny three years ago, visitors flocked to the feed, relishing every new photo England posted of her adorable canine companion.

“Most of the time my photos of Ginny are taken on a whim,” says England. “Most photos of her outside are taken without any planning — I’ll just be with her and she looks so content or cute in that moment that I want a memory of it.”

Ginny’s photos, whether unplanned or completely spontaneous, certainly have an almost immeasurable cuteness factor. England has captured photos of Ginny napping, Ginny enjoying a day in the pool, and Ginny enjoying her favorite thing — the bacontini, which is essentially Ginny’s favorite porcine goodies fed to her in a martini glass.

“Well, Ginny is very fond of her bacon treats,” England explains. “Bacon treats were one of the first treats I gave her and she’s a bit of a treat snob so they’re really the only treats she’ll eat.”

Jonesing for more Ginny? Check her out on Instagram today.

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