Hurricane survivor Trina finds her forever home

Last month, brought you the story of Trina, a German Shepherd mix rescued from storm-ravaged Gulfport, Miss., in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when she was 1 year old.

Columbus, Ohio, residents John and Meghan Kizer, Trina’s new owners. (Photo credit: ABC 6)

Picked up by an Ohio-based animal rescue organization, Trina made the trip up north back in 2005. Her caretakers hoped the gentle dog would be adopted soon. But while other four-legged Katrina survivors at the shelter found homes, Trina didn’t. For eight long years, Trina lived her life in a kennel.

Trina’s story touched the hearts of thousands — including John and Meghan Kizer, who learned of Trina shortly after their last dog passed. The Kizers knew immediately they wanted to adopt Trina.

“I was pretty much sold as soon as we met her,” John tells ABC 6 News.

After passing the application process and having a successful first meeting, the John and Meghan got the good news that Trina would be joining their family. The now senior dog finally has a forever home.

The Kizers are having a blast getting to know their new best friend. Trina joins the couple on walks and enjoys rolling in the autumn leaves outside. John and Meghan also admit to buying many toys, treats, and even a sparkly collar for Trina.

“She’s already more than a little bit spoiled,” John jokes.

For the eight years Trina lived in a shelter kennel, the quiet Shepherd mix never barked — not once, her caretakers say. But soon after she got to her new home with her new family, Trina let her voice be known.

“The second or third day we had her, there was a squirrel running around on the back deck,” John remembers. “She saw it through the back window and let out this deep German Shepherd’s bark.”

Meghan says the more she learns about Trina, the more she loves her.

“She’s got her own unique personality,” Meghan says of Trina. “And it’s fun to get to know another [dog] all over again.”

Source: ABC 6 News

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