Dog named Hope is adopted

According to Yahoo News, a dog that was found with her mouth taped shut in Weatherford, Texas, has been adopted.

A photo of Hope when after she was initially found with her mouth taped shut.

Kit and Charlie Moncrief will adopt the pooch named Hope. Ironically, the dog was first spotted wandering on the Moncrief’s property before she was rescued.

“I have known the Moncrief family for many, many years — I can’t think of a better family for Hope to belong to,” Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler told Yahoo News in an emailed statement. “She will think she is in heaven at her new home with her new family.” reported on the abused Pug mix last week. The pooch, named Hope, was found wandering around with her mouth sealed shut by electrical tape that was wound around her snout.

Hope also suffered from various lacerations and cuts to her body, which overall required more than 100 stitches. A deep cut to her tongue is also a big concern for veterinarians.

“We’re going to be evaluating that tongue over the next couple of days,” Dr. Kevin Buchanan of Bowie Drive Animal Hospital says, “because there’s always a chance that a portion of it may have to be amputated.”

Despite worldwide donations and a $10,000 reward for information leading to those responsible for Hope’s current condition, authorities have no suspects.

“We’re waiting for the one phone call,” Fowler said, “that will tell us where this dog belonged, where it came from, and who knows what.”

Sources: Yahoo News, The Dallas Morning News