Boston Terrier holds world record for largest eyes

A 4-year-old Boston Terrier named Bruschi has the title of “dog with the largest eyes,” according to Guinness World Records. Each eye measures 28 mm in diameter.

Jeepers Creepers: Each eye measures 28 mm in diameter. (Photo credit:

Bruschi lives with his owner, Victoria Reed, and another Boston Terrier named Toby in Texas. Reed adopted the dog in August 2009 from a rescue center; abused by his previous owner, Bruschi had infected intestines, and can only eat bland foods as a result.

The record-holding attributes aren’t without pitfalls. According to Reed, the dog had a medical scare in 2011, when one of the dog’s eyes literally popped out of its socket (a veterinarian was able to but it back into place). Bruschi also intimidates other dogs with his giant peepers, and he only has peripheral vision, as he cannot see objects directly in front of himself.

But Bruschi’s notirety has hardly slowed the dog down, as Reed describes the pooch as an attention-seeking and energetic dog, who is constantly twitching, wagging his tail, and playing. Bruschi’s favorite toys? Balls, of course.

“He could play fetch for hours,” Reed said. “It gets to the point where I have to put the ball up out of reach because he won’t stop playing and is out of breath.”