British Bloodhound undergoes cosmetic surgery

Facelifts and tummy tucks aren’t just for humans anymore.
Junior, a 5-year-old Bloodhound from Selby, North Yorkshire, England, has racked up a vet bill of over £10,000 ($15,000 U.S.) after two years and multiple cosmetic surgeries.
Cosmetic surgeries for dogs may sound like an odd concept, but Junior’s owners, Denise and David Smart, have no regrets after their decision to put their Bloodhound under the knife.
“We absolutely wouldn’t have done anything differently,” Denise Smart said of Junior, “he’s so much happier. He must have felt awful for so long.”
While Bloodhounds are known for having a little extra skin, Junior’s became excessive – even disabling, according to the Smarts – due to a rare condition that causes an increase in skin development.
The surplus skin on Junior’s face nearly blinded the poor pooch; the extra folds over Junior’s eyes exacerbated his entropion, an eye condition that leads to eye ulcers, infections, and in the worst case scenario, complete loss of vision. Last year, to save Junior’s sight, the Smarts opted for a doggy facelift. The cost of that pricey operation: £1,200 ($1,900 U.S.).
After the removal of two tumors on Junior’s chest, excess skin developed on his belly, inhibiting his movement. The Smarts gave the go ahead for Junior’s most recent cosmetic surgery: a tummy tuck.
Over £1,500 ($2,300 U.S.), three surgeries, and 39 stitches later, Junior is up and moving, able to run again with his new svelte physique.
Junior’s nips and tucks, David Smart says, have improved his quality of life immensely. “Now he’s more mobile and he’s got a new lease on life,” David said.