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5 Eating Disorders That Affect Dogs

hile eating disorders are well known in humans, not many people know about the eating disorders that affect dogs. Animals have different reasons for having unusual eating habits, but they can be just as troubling for concerned dog owners. Here are six eating disorders that affect dogs.

by Mike Clark
June 3rd

Struggling With A Rescued Dog Who Has Really Bad Separation Anxiety

I have a rescue dog, named Joe, who spent the last seven years of his life alone in a dirt dog run. Now he lives a safe, comfortable life with our three other dogs, but he still has terrible separation anxiety. Here’s what we’re doing to help him relax.

by Patty Parker
April 12th

Pet Behaviorists May Help Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Maybe your dog becomes extremely nervous or acts out when you leave. This may no longer be a case of your pup missing you—it might be separation anxiety. A pet behaviorist may be able to help you train the anxiety away.

by Gel Galang
March 7th

How dogs perceive time — and how they’re affected by our absence

This article courtesy of Report answered the question of how dogs perceive time in a past tip, and now there are new findings on the topic.Let’s start with the general consensus on how a dog perceives time. An article from Jane McGrath on the Discovery Communications’ site, points to research on animals, such […]

by dogtime
March 31st, 2011
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