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Senior Dogs: Proper Care And What To Expect

If you’re thinking about adoption, the advantages to bringing home an older dog are many. If the dog you’ve had since puppyhood is now approaching their golden years, it’s important to keep doing the things you’ve always done together. Here are a few things you should know about senior dog care.

by DogTime
November 12th

5 Non-Profit Sanctuaries For Unwanted Senior Dogs

Senior dog sanctuaries are so important. They give old dogs the love and care they deserve at the end of their lives. All the sanctuaries on this list are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that you can donate to if you’re interested in helping them in their missions.

by Mike Clark
November 11th

Caring For Your Senior Dog: What You Should Know

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! As our dogs get older we often see different age-related ailments that can cause our pups pain and discomfort. If you’re considering bringing home a sweet, old pooch this month, we’ve got a few tips that will help when it comes to caring for your senior dog.

by DogTime
November 6th

Why You Should Open Up Your Heart To A Senior Dog This November

We’re thrilled that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and if you are considering adopting a four-legged friend, you should be, too! Here’s my senior dog adoption story, along with a few a few myths about senior dogs that need to be busted. Spread the word and give a sweet senior a chance in November!

by Maggie Clancy
November 4th

Spread The Word: November Is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month!

November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month — a month dedicated to helping older pets find loving forever homes. If you care about sweet senior animals, help spread the word throughout November. We can help older pets find homes together. Here’s what you should know about older pets.

by DogTime
November 2nd

Gold Souls, Gray Faces: 8 Tips For Walking Senior Dogs

Our senior pups may not move as fast as they used to, but they still benefit from regular exercise and walks. It’s important to keep older dogs moving, even if they don’t have the same physical abilities and needs that they did when they were younger. Here are some tips for walking senior dogs.

by Mike Clark
September 9th

Diagnosing And Treating Urinary Incontinence In Dogs

Urinary incontinence happens when a dog loses control of their bladder, even though they’re usually housetrained and able to wait until they can find an appropriate place to urinate. It’s often easily treated, and the medications are not expensive, so the sooner you get your dog to the veterinarian, the better.

by DogTime
August 5th

Dog Euthanasia: What Is It? When Is It Used?

Euthanasia is an overdose of barbiturates that will stop a dog’s heart. Many dog parents choose this option when their pets’ suffering becomes too great and there’s no possibility of recovery. Here’s what you should know.

by DogTime
July 22nd

Parvovirus In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments

Parvovirus can kill dogs in a matter of days, and it’s 80 percent fatal. Puppies under six months old and senior dogs are the most vulnerable. Luckily, a simple vaccine is all it takes to prevent this horrible disease. Here’s what you should know.

by DogTime
July 9th
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5 Soft And Chewy Treats Your Senior Dog Will Love

To keep your senior healthy, you might need to switch your old dog’s treats to ones that may be lower in fat, are softer and easier to chew, are beneficial to your pet’s oral health, and contain ingredients that support your pet’s aging joints. Here are five of pet parents’ favorite treats that senior dogs love!

by Melissa Pivoney
May 22nd

8 Ways To Help A Dog With Dementia

Canine cognitive dysfunction, or CCD, is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans, and it tends to appear in older dogs as the brain ages. The symptoms can be heartbreaking, but there are ways to help treat your dog, make them comfortable, and improve their condition.

by Mike Clark
April 1st
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