Senior dogs

Dog Euthanasia: What Is It? When Is It Used?

Euthanasia is an overdose of barbiturates that will stop a dog’s heart. It is painless when done properly. Many dog owners choose this option when their pet’s suffering becomes too great. Here is what you should know about dog euthanasia.

by DogTime
May 17th

8 Ways To Help A Dog With Dementia

Canine cognitive dysfunction, or CCD, is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans, and it tends to appear in older dogs as the brain ages. The symptoms can be heartbreaking, but there are ways to help treat your dog, make them comfortable, and improve their condition.

by Mike Clark
March 29th

Should You Adopt A Senior Dog?

When we start to think about bringing a dog into our family and home, we often consider adopting a puppy. But there are many reasons to go against the grain and adopt a senior dog. In fact, it can be a fulfilling and life changing experience for those who do.

by Jean Andrei
March 27th

Gold Souls, Gray Faces: 5 Ways To Help Senior Dogs In Winter

Like us, as our pets get older, navigating the challenges of winter becomes more difficult. Therefore, we must accommodate our senior dogs’ needs. Here are a few ways to keep your senior safe and comfortable through winter.

by Beth Meadows
November 26th

Caring For Your Senior Dog: What You Should Know

As our dogs get older we often see different age-related ailments that can cause our pups pain and discomfort. If you’re considering bringing home a sweet, old pooch, we’ve got a few tips that will help when it comes to caring for your senior dog.

by dogtime
November 1st

5 Easy, Natural Ways To Ease Your Dog’s Arthritis

Your best buddy doesn’t bounce up to greet you quite as quickly as they used to.They don’t run as much as they once did, and when they do, they sometimes have a little hitch in their stride. How can you help them?

by Kristin Clark, Editor-in-Chief, Raw Pet Digest
October 11th

When Is Dog Hospice Care A Good Idea?

Hospice care is the extra help a dog needs to handle incontinence, limited mobility, or other disabilities that impede her quality of life. It allows a dog to enjoy the life that’s left for her by eliminating as much suffering as possible.

by Sherri Franklin
July 27th
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