The Dog Days Of Summer: What And When Are They?

The dog days of summer are usually the hottest days of the year, but you may be wondering why we refer to them as the “dog days” and when they happen. What do our beloved canine companions have to do with the warm weather?

by Mike Clark
July 8th

5 Canine Gods Your Dog Could Be Related To

Our canine friends have been a part of human mythology about gods and goddesses forever. Do we still worship dogs today? I don’t know. We feed them, bathe them, spend all our money on them, and pick up after them when they do their “business,” so maybe we do!

by Mike Clark
June 19th

Historical Hounds: Meet Owney, The Post Office Mascot Dog

There’s one scruffy mutt who captured the hearts of Americans everywhere in the late 1880s, and that was Owney. He soon became the unofficial mascot of the Railway mail clerks and rode along on mail wagons and mail trains across the state, across the country, and even around the world!

by Beth Meadows
January 7th
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