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Beagle wins 139th Westminster

A list of winners at the 139th Westminster Dog Show, including Best in Show, and the 2nd Westminster Agility Championship — find out who was the top dog.

by DogTime
February 18th, 2015

WKC Dog Show ribbon awarded to champion Affenpinscher

For the first time in the history of the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the winning pooch has the face of a monkey.Banana Joe V Tani Kazari, affectionately known as Banana Joe (or just Joey to his close personal friends), became the first ever Affenpinscher to claim the “Best in Show” ribbon at the […]

by DogTime Staff
February 13th, 2013

The Westminster Dog Show begins today

Dog lovers, break out the popcorn and put on your giant foam fingers — or rather, paw prints, because the Superbowl of all dog shows starts tonight. When the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show kicks off this morning in New York, a whopping 2,721 dogs representing 187 different breeds will make their turns around […]

by DogTime Staff
February 11th, 2013

Best in Show Badge

The “Best in Show” badge is awarded to blogs and news sites that provide their visitors with high quality pet content. To nominate a site for the “Best in Show” award, click here. Golden Duke Blogspot: Chronological photography of a pure bred Golden Retriever Kathy Santo: Kathy has been training dogs since 1984 for competition […]

by DogTime
May 10th, 2012

Pekingese is top dog at Westminster

More than 2,000 purebred dogs entered the ring at the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but only one of them would earn the coveted Best in Show title. Dogs from a whopping 185 breeds competed, but it was a perfect little Pekingese named Malachy that claimed victory this year.With his black-masked face, fluffy hair, […]

by DogTime
February 15th, 2012
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