Homeless Dachshund Mix Saved From Dangerous Life In Los Angeles Sewer System [VIDEO]

Hope for Paws is a Los Angeles animal rescue that keeps their volunteers busy and able to tour some of LA’s less touristy areas.

The rescue got a call, from a nice family that had been feeding a stray dog in a potentially dangerous area. This poor homeless little pup had made an area of a 105 freeway underpass, her home.

Here’s our girl! (Photo Credit: Hope For Paws)

A few volunteers went to search for the little Dachshund mix but had trouble locating her at first. One more scan of the yard and they realized she had been asleep in the weeds, right under their noses all along. Dogs on the street are always on high alert for strangers and predators. It was a little unusual that she did not pick up on their scent or sounds immediately. Possibly a rough night on the streets had left her exhausted.

They tried to sneak up on her, but she startled and ran for the safely of a near by sewer system. They were forced to crawl in to this dark and dirty place, it’s scary to watch, but they had her. They tried to be extremely delicate, any wrong move and she would fall down into a drain, which would make her rescue even more difficult. Very carefully they were finally able to get her into a net.

She fought and cried for a few minutes. Then, exhausted, she finally gave up. She got a leash and a new name… Leah.

The family that reported her to Hope for Paws and had been feeding her for months stopped by and were finally able to hello to Leah up close.

The next stop for Leah was a bath a vet, sterilization and vaccination.

Leah is in search of her furever home. Please share. Maybe you know someone that knows someone that wants to adopt her. Leah is available through Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles. Here is a link to her PetFinder adoption page.

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