Pilots-n-Paws: Rescuing A Senior Dog: The Story Of Pops

Pops! (Photo Credit: muttville.org)

Pops was in the worse of circumstances, but lucky for him, his fate was about to be forever changed, thanks to 7 nice people.

Pops is a senior dog, with an unknown past that wound up at a Shelter in Baldwin, California. Senior dogs are considered less adoptable and sadly Pops name was added to the PTS list. (For anyone that does not know PTS stands for Put To Sleep.)

Dog rescue advocate Margene could not bear the site of 12 year old Pops in a shelter listed as PTS, so she decided to post his picture and story to Facebook. Fellow dog rescue advocate, Maureen saw it and together with her friend Heather contacted Muttsville in San Fransisco, to plea his case. To increase his chances they even offered to cover his vet bills if accepted.

Sherri Franklin, Founder and Executive Director of Muttsville Senior Dog Rescue, read his story and pondered it for a few days. With so many senior dogs in need of rescuing, it’s not an easy decision to make. Sherri could not stop thinking about Pops and after much thought and deliberation, decided to accept him.

(Photo Credit: muttville.org)

Upon hearing the good news Heather raced over to pick up Pops and next was the task of getting him from LA to San Francisco. Pilots-n-Paws a non profit organization accepted the task. Volunteers Gordon and wife Caryl flew Pops North to San Francisco where yet another passionate volunteer, Fiona was awaiting pick up. Fiona then transported Pops safely to Muttsville.

Fiona says “My main impression of Pops was how Zen he was. He really seemed unfazed and went with the flow. You can tell by how calm he looks gazing out the cockpit window in the photo; He seems to embrace life with an open mind and heart.”

Pops is described as a lovebug who likes cats and is available for adoption through Muttsville.

Check out Pops’ profile and adoption page here: POPS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION