Sarah Palin posts controversial picture of son and dog

Sarah Palin posted three pictures of her dog being used as a stepstool on Facebook. (Photo Credit: Sarah Palin Facebook)

Sarah Palin’s no stranger to controversy, but the former vice presidential candidate caused a stir when she posted a picture of a dog being used as a stepstool for her son, Trig. Trig suffers from Down syndrome. The post appeared on Palin’s Facebook page:

“May 2015 see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone on the path forward,” Palin writes on the post. “Trig just reminded me. He, determined to help wash dishes with an oblivious mama not acknowledging his signs for ‘up!’, found me and a lazy dog blocking his way. He made his stepping stone.”

Suffice to say, the comments to the post are not favorable.