Taking your dog to work: would you ever?


You read it right: Fido in the file room. Wags in the washroom. Boxers in the board room. Dogs at work.

Before shaking your head in a to and fro “no way” or nodding and bobbing a vehement “yes,” consider the casual atmosphere embracing corporate America:

* Casual Fridays

* On-site daycare

* Working from home/telecommuters

* Gyms and workout centers at work

So why not wags? Who hasn’t at one time or another worried about leaving Fido behind? Walking out the door in the early morning and wondering what they do all day? Paying for pet sitters or Fido daycare. Leave the guilt behind and Leave No Dog Behind.®

An entire day is devoted to the movement that Fido not only wants to be, but belongs in the workplace: June 25th.

Besides the sense of happiness a furry friend brings to his guardian, the rewards are far reaching. When the boss forgets to tell us we do a good job, the tail wagging and unconditional devotion of Fido never wavers. In a customer service environment, a dog is a de-stresser of sorts for employers as well as a welcome wagon for customers entering the business. Studies abound in the benefits of pets on our health: lower blood pressure, less heart attacks, warding off depression. Maybe folks wouldn’t call off sick as much if they knew Fido was present to help them through the daily grind.

Want to start a movement at a company? Start small and build upward. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take the time to present the idea to Human Resources and/or Management.

The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (Facebook The NAPPS) provides suggestions to make the June 25th a positive experience, which can also be applied to a Fido-friendly environment on a regular basis in the workplace:

  • Is your dog prepared for the commute to work? Consult with your veterinarian and professional pet sitter about anxiety-relieving tactics and medicine if necessary.
  • Is your dog prone to barking when placed in a new situation? Consider how your pet will react to new faces and other dogs in the workplace. Identify a “safe place.”
  • Show courtesy to your coworkers by asking if they have allergies prior to the event.
  • Create a plan for feeding, walking, and relieving your pet throughout the day.
  • Make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, and flea and tick treatments prior to entering the office environment.
  • Keep your pooch away from other dogs’ water bowls, as this can spread illness and disease.
  • Identify a coworker willing to care for your pet should you be called into an extended meeting or phone call.

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