Dear Labby: I was talking about my dog…

Dear Labby,

A co-worker and I both have rescue dogs. Often she’ll stop at my desk, or I’ll stop at hers, and we’ll talk about our pups. My next-door cubicle neighbor has a cat, and whenever he can, he joins the conversation as well. I don’t mind the cat talk. The problem is, he always tries to turn it into a cats-are-better-than-dogs debate. I know he’s just teasing, but the joke is old and I have no interest in even a pretend argument. I like both species and just want to share a story once in a while with a fellow dog parent. Advice?


Debating Cat Lover At Work Exhausts Dog-mom

Seems pretty simple to me, D.-C.L.A.W.E.D. Save the pet talk for coffee breaks or happy hour, and don’t invite Captain Feline.

If it’s absolutely impossible to avoid a three-way discussion, take back the steering wheel: “Sounds like you have a very special cat indeed, but we were actually just talking about Betty’s Lhasa Apso who can predict Dancing with the Stars winners with 93% accuracy…”

Extra Credit: You say you like both species? Why not make a point to ask your neighbor about his cat once in a while? It’s possible he’s just looking to connect with fellow “pet people” in the office and doesn’t quite know how to do it. Animal lovers are notoriously awkward around humans; if you can muster compassion, do it.