Dear Labby talks “intrusive sniffers”

Dear Labby,

We have a dog-friendly office. Not long ago, a very proper businessman from India visited our offices for a meeting. During the meeting, an employee’s dog walked under the table and stuck his nose in the crotch of the Indian guest. I’ll never forget the panic in his eyes and his immediate freeze. Our guest politely mumbled not to worry. The dog owner either thought it was cute or didn’t recognize the panic, and took little action.

This is different than having a guest in your home; it’s a professional setting. Is the lesson here that this guy is not right for us? Or was the dog owner being insensitive?


Lost, as Associate’s Pushy Dog Overtly Goes for Groin in Embarrassing Display

Generally, a dog-friendly office means that mannerly, office-appropriate pets are welcome. Even the most experienced dog person, regardless of his cultural upbringing, might startle if Fido took a sudden turn for his crotch. Especially if it was unexpected – and during a business meeting.

So L.A.P.D.O.G.G.E.D., here’s the lesson. If your business dictates hiring only stoic, unflappable types – you supply armed guards for Buckingham Palace, say – then the Indian gentleman is probably not a good fit for your company. But in almost any other business setting, a visitor should be able to walk into your office without fear of pubic assault.

My advice: If you’re flying Mr. Takahashi and Ms. al-Jabiri in for conferences next week – or heck, even just hosting Ms. Smith or Mr. Jones from Poughkeepsie – let Fido’s owner know you expect there to be no crotch sniffing this time around. Unless Mr. Takahashi is there to present his new invention: Bacon Bikinis. In that case, all bets are off.