Do I have to be friends with my dog’s friends’ owners?

Dear Labby,

My 50-lb. Pit Bull mix (Flora) met a 15-lb. Westie (Niles) at the dog park. They’ve become great friends. I love watching them play together and I really like the fact that so many people see how gentle and sweet my big girl is with the little dog. Niles’s owner has invited Flora for several play dates at their house, and it’s gone well. Problem is, Niles’s owner wants to take the friendship to the human level and I have absolutely no interest in her nor any time for that. I don’t want to jeopardize or disrupt the friendship between the dogs, so how do I preserve the puppy love without offending the owner?


Can’t Have Additional Socials Events or Dates

Oh how delightful – the Westie owner pursuing the Pit Bull owner! Around here, you’d sooner see Sean Penn chasing the paparazzi. Now…where’d I leave my copy of My Owner’s Just Not That into Your Owner?

I agree, C.H.A.S.E.D. No need to blurt out that you’re only interested in a business relationship. Instead, let her know that you enjoy speaking to her when the dogs do their playing: “I’m so busy with [insert appropriate answer, i.e., work/the kids/clown school/tether ball] but I love being able to catch up during Flora’s and Niles’s play dates. We’ll have to schedule one soon.”

Or let her know you’ll be at the park from 1:00 to 1:30 next Sunday and you’d love to see her there. A half an hour every now and then is doable, right? That way, she doesn’t feel completely shunned, and you’re not cutting into any time you’d normally be spending at the quilting bee.