Shedding Situation? Dear Labby’s Advice

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Dear Labby,

Our friends recently adopted a beautiful, well-behaved Golden Retriever mix. The only problem is, he sheds like crazy. I’m a dog lover and it’s impossible for me to refrain from petting him, so I’m generally covered in hair within five minutes of arriving. Would it be considered uncouth to request the use of my friends’ lint remover after petting their dog?


Hoping to Avoid the Impression of Rudeness

Well, H.A.I.R., there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who expect you to open the fridge and help yourself to a seltzer, and those who deny others their lint removers. If these folks truly are your friends, and a pat of their dog leaves you hairier than a barber shop floor, requesting a lint remover seems much more polite than shedding your shirt and tossing it into their washer.

Or here’s another idea, H.A.I.R.: Bring your own darn lint remover. After you and Chewbacca have had your hellos, excuse yourself to the restroom for a few moments of private de-furring. And in the meantime be thankful that slobbering isn’t his issue, lest you’d have to show up to cocktails with clothespins and a drying line.

Also, if you’re an animal lover, it’s a good idea to keep a lint remover in your car. That way you’re always ready for an impromptu puppy love session!