Dear Labby

Dear Labby: Why Doesn’t My Dog Eat Without Me?

Our reader’s dog won’t eat unless she’s right next to him during meal time. Dear Labby explains why and tells her what she can do to help her pup eat when she’s not home or when they pup is staying over with a sitter.

by DogTime
July 24th

Dear Labby: How Do I Deal With Treat-Dispensing Strangers?

I’ve asked the Treat Lady repeatedly to stop giving cookies to my well-fed dog, but she still slips him treats when she thinks I’m not looking. The other park-goers look at me as if I’m attacking the lady’s character when I ask her to stop, but really I just don’t want her feeding my dog. Help!

by DogTime
December 30th

Dear Labby: Smelly Dog–Or Insensitive Family?

I recently took my ten-year-old Poodle to my parents’ house for Christmas. Thanks to old age, he has liver problems, stinky breath, and dermatitis. As you can imagine, Gerard is a pretty smelly dog. I really don’t want to leave him with a boarder. What should I do?

by DogTime
December 18th

Dear Labby: My Dog Is Pooping Blood! What Should I Do?

One of our DogTime fans has questions for Dear Labby about seeing blood in her dog’s stool! Should she rush him to the emergency vet, or is this something she can treat at home? Is her pup in danger? Dear Labby has the answers when it comes to dogs pooping blood.

by DogTime
September 24th, 2019

Dear Labby: What’s Supposed To Happen At A Doggy Play Date?

One of our readers agreed to a doggy play date but doesn’t know what to expect. Is she supposed to come up with games for them to play? Should she make doggy snacks? Should she have drinks ready to entertain a fellow dog mom? Dear Labby has advice!

by DogTime
September 12th, 2019

Shedding Situation? Dear Labby’s Advice

Well, H.A.I.R., there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who expect you to open the fridge and help yourself to a seltzer, and those who deny others their lint removers.

by DogTime
April 13th, 2017

Dear Labby: I’m jealous of a Yorkshire Terrier

Dear Labby,When my uncle died, my elderly aunt was devastated. So she went out and adopted a Terrier with a very sad history. Groucho is a sweet dog, and I love that he makes her so happy, but my aunt has taken it too far. She spends all her time with him, pampers him, talks […]

by DogTime
July 5th, 2012
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